13 Reasons Why KYC Gets Rejected

13 Reasons Why KYC Gets Rejected

13 Reasons Why KYC Verification Gets Rejected

Wondering why your KYC got rejected despite following all the procedures and providing all the details requested? In this blog, we are discussing 13 most common reasons why your KYC verification must have been rejected.

Before jumping into KYC rejection procedures, let’s understand about the KYC and its importance.


What is KYC?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a standard process adopted by financial organizations like banks and digital wallets to verify the identity of customers registered in their platforms. In Nepal, it is a mandatory protocol government by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) for all users to conduct online transactions over NRs. 2500.

Why is KYC Verification Important?

KYC is vital to prevent fraudulent activities and ensure the security of eSewa’s platform for its users. As part of this process, the user must provide identity documents and personal information to be verified. KYC verification is necessary to seamlessly use different services of eSewa and participate in several offers and campaigns organized by eSewa in a timely manner.

(Note: According to the rule of Nepal Rastra Bank, it is mandatory for all digital wallet users to verify KYC.)

How to complete KYC process?

It’s easy to verify your KYC and the process will be completed in just a few minutes.

  • Login to your eSewa
  • Tap on your Profile Picture
  • Tap on My Information
  • Select “Continue”
  • Fill the necessary details
  • Upload identification documents & Submit

For identification documents, upload scanned photos of PP size photo and both sides of Citizenship/License/passport/voter ID/National ID Card.

13 Reasons why KYC gets rejected

eSewa verification is an easy and simple process but some users may experience KYC rejection for some reasons. In such case, we advise users to not stress about it and restart the KYC verification process by identifying why it was rejected previously. In this blog, we will explore 13 most common reasons why you may experience KYC rejections.

  1. Informal Photos: This happens when users have uploaded informal photos during the KYC verification process. Make sure your photo is a front-faced mug shot without any filters and effectsor hats/caps. Capture a live selfie from the camera.


  1. Multiple eSewa IDs: According to the rules of Nepal Rastra Bank, KYC verification has been limited to one user per eSewa  ID. If you are trying to verify KYC for multiple eSewa IDs, then it will get rejected.


  1. Photo Mismatch: In the case when the photo you have provided does not match with the photos in the document, then your KYC will be rejected. Make sure your photo and information matches.


  1. Duplicate Documents: KYC process will be rejected if the supplied documents are not original. Please use the original copy of your government documents for the KYC verification.


  1. Invalid documents:Government issued identification documents are necessary to verify KYC status. Make sure you upload clear original copy of Citizenship/License/passport/voter ID/National ID Card. Edited documents are not acceptable.


  1. Unclear Documents: Your documents must be clear and readable. Black and white copies, blurred documents, unclear documents are not acceptable.


  1. Information Mismatch: The information on the documents and information provided while filing KYC application should be accurate. KYC verification will get rejected if information is not accurate.


  1. One-sided Documents: Make sure you upload both sides of the documents. If only one side of document is uploaded, then it will lead to KYC rejection.


  1. Photo Not Uploaded: Your KYC will be automatically rejected if you have not uploaded the photo. So, make sure you click the front-faced mug shot without any filters and effects from live camera.


  1. Document Not Uploaded: Do not forget to upload all the necessary documents while completing the KYC process. If documents are not uploaded, your KYC will be rejected.


  1. Expired Documents: In case of driving vehicle documents or passport, your documents should not be expired to be valid. If the document has expired, your KYC will be rejected.


  1. Unclear Photos: The photo you supplied should be clear and your face should be seen clearly. Photos where the face of user is not visible will not be accepted.


  1. Documents Already Used: If the documents are already used to verify other eSewa IDs, then your KYC application will be rejected. So, avoid using your documents for multiple eSewa IDs.






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