Load fund from Laxmi Bank


Step 1: Login to the ibanking of Laxmi Bank (Click Here)

Laxmi Bank Internet Banking Login Portal

Step 2: After login, you can see the below page and then click on “Bills” option.

Step 3: Click on “Bill Payment” option and then “Payee Setup” option

Step 4: Click on “eSewa Payment” option

Step 5: Insert valid eSewa id then click on “Add.” Now your eSewa id has been added successfully and a new payee has been set up. (STEP 1 to Step 4 is for first-time payee setup only)

Step 6: Now again go to the “Bill Payment option” and then click on” Make a New Payment” and select “One-time  payment to a standard payee.”

Step 7: After payee set up is completed, click on make a new payment to load in eSewa. Select ‘eSewa payment’ in “Pay To” option, enter the amount as required and don’t forget to tick at “Make Hot payment.”