Kathmandu Pinkathon 2019

                                          Kathmandu Pinkathon 2019

Pinkathon is more than a Marathon. It is the seed of change. It is the beginning of a movement carried forward by a growing community of empowered women who shares a belief that a healthy family, a healthy nation and a healthy world begins with empowered women.

The first step in empowerment is taking control of your own health, respecting yourself and understanding and celebrating the value you bring to your family and society. Empowerment is not a gift of society; it is a gift you give yourself.

Pinkathon Kathmandu is the first international edition of Pinkathon, a movement by a growing community of empowered women to support other women, uplift them and encourage them to lead healthy lives and to highlight the need to ensure increase mental and physical well-being of women. 
  Some Glimpse of Kathmandu Pinkathon 2018


     How to register for Kathmandu Pinkathon?
     A) If you are a registered eSewa user Kindly follow these steps:

     1)  Go to https://events.esewa.com.np/pinkathon/ and fill in the required details and click on the purchase button.
 2)   Confirm the details and click on Continue button.

   3) Enter your eSewa Login credential and Click on Login.
     4) Click on CONTINUE PAYMENT button.
    5) To proceed to click on CONFIRM PAYMENT.

   6)   Once you have completed the payment you will receive your ticket on the screen as well as in your email id.


If you are not eSewa registered user, click here to learn 3 steps to use eSewa: eSewa Registration, Load Fund and Make Payment.


You can visit the nearest eSewa Outlet to make payment for Kathmandu Pinkathon.


For more details, call us at our Toll-Free 1660-01-02121 or write us at [email protected].

NOTE: Registration fee includes T-shirt, Snacks and Tsunamika doll.

                                                             Thank You

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