iflix Voucher purchase Procedure


About  iflix

iflix is the world’s leading entertainment service for emerging markets with the widest and most compelling selection of TV shows, movies, hyper local originals, premium live sports and up-to-the-minute news from around the world, to stream or download, on any internet connected device…wherever, whenever.

Created specifically for the more than one billion consumers in emerging markets, iflix now offers users two exceptional experiences through its iflixFREE and iflixVIP offerings.https://blog.iflix.com/about/

eSewa user can make payment of iflix from eSewa web portal www.esewa.com.np and application

Step 1: Login to the customer eSewa wallet from www.esewa.com.np

Step 2 : click on TV payment

Step 3 : Select Available Vouchers

The price of the Voucher code:

1 month = Rs. 300
3 month = Rs. 800

6 month = Rs. 1500

12 month = Rs. 2500

Get up to 15% Cashback on purchase of the Voucher code from eSewa.

Step 4 : Select the voucher code and click on proceed

Step 5 :Please confirm the following details and click on confirm

Step 6 :User will get the voucher code

(Voucher code can also be viewed from eSewa Statement )

In order to redeem the voucher code Login to the iflix.com

Step 7 : Go to https://piay.iflix.com


Step 7 : Go to Menu and click on Redeem Voucher


Step 8 : Enter your voucher code generated from eSewa and click on redeem

Enjoy the all contents of iflix.

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