eSewa acknowledges and appreciates continuous love and support of our users who have helped us become the leader in the online payment industry. Starting from Ashwin 2075, eSewa Champs Awards will be announced at the end of each month. Winners will be awarded with 1,000 Reward Points. Top 5 highest  transactor from each of following services will be declared as a winner:
  • Mobile Topup 
  • TV Topup 
  • Arilines 
  • ISP 
  • N.E.A

Thank you for all your contributions. We truly appreciate your commitment and dedication.


Mobile Topup

Lekh Bdr. Bhandari   Dinesh Lamichhane      Bhim Sodari               Laxman Pasman           Santosh Bhetuwal

T.V. Topup
  Dil Shrestha               Manish Lal Shrestha           Sunil Kumar Jaiswal           Roshan Puri               Rohit Kumar Chaudari 

Netra Bdr Thapa          kundan Ray             Raj Kumar Maharjan      Manoj Kumar Pantha           Safal Shrestha


Ram Psd.Upadhaya    Moti Ram Subedi      Chandra Psd. Regmi     Keshav Pandey   Ram Bkt. Rajbanshi

Prem Prakash Aryal    Mahadev Sah          Hari Psd.Subedi     Umesh Chandra Yadav Hemant Pokharel

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  • Dipak khanal
    29 Oct 2018


  • Sachin Shakya
    31 Oct 2018

    gr8 it inspires us to do more service .

  • Prabin Adhikari
    03 Nov 2018


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