Cafe Coffee Day

At cafe coffee day, coffee is more than just a beverage. It is a cup that brings people together. From those looking for a place to relax with those looking for a place to connect, coffee brings people in to share something special – their time.
CCD makes that time special. With not just the best coffee, but a wide range of fine beverages and food, so the time people spend together is flavoured with delicious accompaniments. In a space that's warm, friendly, inclusive and inviting. In a space where memorable moments can happen. Or, as they like to say, a lot can happen over coffee. Come, experience us at any of our outlets in Kumaripati, Basantapur or Durbar Marg.

Now make payment for Café Coffee Day using eSewa and get flat 10{e66ef38fc98640e3efe12c3fc7c55048053b5f4a9e2fc19d82db60824ad09dfe}  CashBack in your eSewa account.

If you have an internet connection in your phone simply scan the QR code available at Cafe Coffee Day using eSewa mobile App.

Or alternatively  in absence of internet connectivity, you can simply make payment using the following step:

1) Click On "Other Payments" and Choose "Fonepay"
2) Enter the Merchant Code, Payment Code and Amount as provided by Cafe Coffee Day and Click on Proceed.
3) Confirm your payment detail and Enter your 4 digits eSewa MPIN.

You will receive instant SMS  as soon as your payment is made.

Enjoy your visit to Cafe Coffee Day.

For further detail or queries please feel free to reach out to us at 16600102121.

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