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In this technologically driven society, mobile phones affect the lives of millions throughout the globe. The impact of Mobile Money has been significant in developing countries. It has been particularly well received in Asia in the past three years. With mobile penetration of more than 90% in Nepal, the market for online payment is considered to be immense.

In order to enhance digital payment in Nepal and with our vision of Digital2020, eSewa has introduced QR Code Merchant enrollment in Nepal. Let’s get a bit deeper about it.


What is eSewa QR Merchant?

eSewa QR  code Merchants are those legal business entities who are willing to receive payment at their counter using eSewa as a payment option. Some of our valued Merchant includes Nepal Mediciti, Siddhartha Business Group of Hopspitality, Hotbread, KKFC, etc. Not only them, even the local shops are now engaged with the digital payment as they also have their own QR code for their shops. Now a customer at your counter can simply Scan and Pay via eSewa or mobile banking and enhance the customer experience.

How it works?

In QR payment, the customer scans the eSewa Merchant’s QR code displayed by the merchant or the QR printed on the invoice using the QR scanner present in their mobile banking application to pay for the products/services consumed. They then enter the amount to be paid and remarks in the respective columns and submit the payment. After this, the customer confirms the payment by entering his MPIN/Fingerprint, thereby completing the transaction. The QR Merchant instantly receives the payment so made in his eSewa Merchant Wallet.

Who can enroll for eSewa QR Merchant?

Any legal business entity registered with Nepal Government and possessing a valid document can sign up for an eSewa QR Merchant Account.

What are the benefits of being a QR Merchant?

  • Customer Convenience – A merchant account can lead to happy (and returning) customers simply because it gives them the flexibility to make payment in the simplest way using eSewa Account.
  • Avoid Bad Checks – By using merchant account services and accepting electronic payments, your business can avoid the hassle and costs associated with bounced checks.
  • Increase Sales – A variety of studies and research over the years have found that customers spend more when given the option to use electronic payments over cash.
  • Online Presence – See your business on eSewa mobile app, Website, Google Maps, and different social media platform.
  • Cross Promotion – Increase your footfall and revenue by leveraging cross-selling opportunities.
  • Online Promotion – Get promoted through Social media channel, Emails, SMS, Google, and YouTube.
  • Customer Relationship – Enhance your customer relationship by offering them more convenience.
  • Lead Generation – Enroll new customer on eSewa and make them paym to the merchant.
  • Deal and Discount – Get great Deal and Discount from eSewa.
  • Customer Services – Get eSewa 24*7 customer service support.

Will there be any charges?

eSewa shall waive the entire integration cost. Whereas a nominal Merchant Service Fee will be charged to the Merchant.

How to enroll for QR Merchant?

To enroll email us your details at [email protected] or contact us at our toll-free number 1660-01-02121.

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