Time to go Cashless

Welcome to eSewa . Here is a basic guide to get you started.

How to Load money into eSewa account?

eSewa users can add money to their eSewa Wallets in a few easy clicks.

1.Tap on the ‘Load Money’ option on the banks' app home screen. 
2. Enter the amount, registered mobile number( Your eSewa id ) and proceed  on confirm.
      Or can load money from our eSewa representative named  Cashin

eSewa users can send, receive and pay with smart phone instantly.

What is  eSewa?

eSewa is the largest mobile money account. We help you transfer money instantly to anyone at no cost using the eSewa Wallet. This money can be used to pay for online mobile and T.V. recharges, N.E.A,  khanepani, school fees, credit cards, internet bills, EMI, N.E.A, book movie tickets and other things on the eSewa app or website and get cashback and save upto  Rs. 500 to RS.2,000.

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  • Mehdi Hassan
    31 Dec 2018


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