Report Dispute, Fraud and Misuse

It’s extremely important to report any suspected instances of fraud. Not only will this protect you, it will also help make the web a safer place to do business.

Here are some types of fraudulent activity. Please follow the steps we’ve included below to report them:
·         Unauthorized activity on your eSewa account
·         Goods or services not received from the authorized merchants
Please note, eSewa will not entertain any issues reported against activities which are against the terms and conditions of eSewa, or other activities deemed as illegal by the government.

Step 1 – Identify the issue

Most disputes are the result of simple misunderstandings. It’s best to initiate communication as soon as you recognize a potential problem.
You can email us the details of the transaction and contact details of parties involved at [email protected]  within 45 calendar days of the transaction.
If you and the other party involved are unable to agree on a solution, you must escalate the dispute by filing a written dispute resolution claim. By escalating a dispute, you would be asking eSewa to review the case and decide the outcome.

Step 2 – Negotiate to resolve the dispute
You and the party involved have 20 days to resolve the dispute or escalate it to eSewa.
If you can contact the other party, this is your opportunity to communicate directly and resolve the issue by exchanging message posts.

eSewa can ask to view all messages and conversations in case the dispute is escalated to a claim.
We place a hold on all funds related to the transaction until the dispute is resolved or closed restricting the funds associated with a dispute so they cannot be withdrawn from a user’s/ merchant’s eSewa account.

Step 3 – Close the dispute or escalate to a claim
You can close a dispute if you and the other party reach an agreement.  We automatically close disputes after 20 days unless they have been escalated to an eSewa claim.  A closed dispute cannot be reopened or escalated to a claim.

Otherwise, you can escalate the dispute to eSewa within 20 days of opening (mailing the dispute details)  the dispute by filing a written dispute resolution claim.

We require more information from you when you escalate a dispute to claim.

Step 4 – We investigate and resolve the claim
By escalating a dispute to a claim, you are asking eSewa to review it and decide the outcome.

We try to resolve cases within 30 days, but complex cases may take longer to investigate, deliver a final decision, release any funds, and close the case.

You and the third party may be subject to specific deadlines for new information. We use the messages exchanged, along with other details, to determine the outcome.

We notify you when we come to a final decision.

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