Nirmal Batika Academy, Tokha- Fee Payment Procedure

You can pay Nirmal Batika Academy fee from both eSewa Web Portal and Mobile App.

  • From Web Portal

If you are already registered in eSewa:

1. Login to with your login credentials.

2. Click on School & College from the list of service and choose Nirmal Batika Academy or you can directly type in the search box.

3. Fill the required details in the form and click on the PROCEED button.

4.You can click on CONFIRM button to proceed the fee payment or cancel button to hold the fee payment.

5.You can view the details of your fee payment.

  • Receipt of your fee payment in PDF formate generated by eSewa with an option to save it or print it.


  • From Mobile App

Steps : 
1. Open eSewa App (Download eSewa app from Google Play Store/ App Store if you haven't downloaded yet).

2. Login with your eSewa login credential.

2. Tap on School & College and School from the list of Service Categories.

3. Tap on Nirmal Batika Academy.