Go paperless to save environment

Go paperless to save environment

Did you know that 93% of all paper comes from tree, or that it takes 5 liters of water just to produce 1 sheet of A4 size paper? Manufacturing paper requires valuable resources, yet paper waste exists everywhere. 50% of most business waste consists of paper, and paper packaging makes up almost half of our household waste. Bills, receipts, old reports, and drafts clutter every part of each business. Yet, if we ask you whether you have kept track of all your paper receipts, pretty sure the answer will be No. Now, looking at all the environmental damage paper waste is causing, the question is why not switch to a better alternative.

Before answering why, let’s answer “what is the alternative?” The answer is simple: Go Digital. With Google docs, Drive, Dropbox and other cloud platforms, saving as well as sharing data electronically is pretty simple. Additionally, with the rise of online payment gateways, you can forget about physical receipts and keep track of everything online. Saving one receipt online means saving at least 1 A4 sheet, that’s 5-liter water saved. Enlarging this into a global scale, if each one of us start paying for goods online and stop printing receipts, we can save hundreds of trees, maybe even the whole forest and a lot of water.

So, this environment day, start your digital journey with eSewa and save paper, save environment.

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