eSewa Privilege Terms and Conditions

Group Personal Accident policy terms and condition:

  1. Death benefit NPR 100,000.
  2. The policy covers death only due to accidents.
  3. The policy does not cover death due to:
    • Suicide, mental disorder, alcoholism or intoxication of drugs, flying other than as a passenger in a regular airline, hazardous sports like paragliding, bungee jump, horse race, racing, polo, hunting, scuba diving, mountaineering, shooting, etc.
    • Breach of law.
    • Nervous breakdown, injuries to nerves or hypertension.
    • Willful exposure to unnecessary danger except to save human life.

Hospitalization Cash benefit policy terms and condition:

  1. Hospitalization cash benefit NPR 1000 per day up to NRP 10,000 in a year (“Per day” shall mean a consecutive period of 24 hours).
  2. Hospitalization in Nepal Government registered hospitals only.
  3. This policy does not cover hospitalization expenses incurred for any person over the age of sixty (60).