How to load money in eSewa?

Technological advancement has taken the way we do business to a whole new level. Keeping an eye on technological development, eSewa has been serving as an online payment gateway. With various internal and external reviews and updates, loading fund in eSewa wallet has now been made easier. There are different ways you can transfer money to your eSewa wallet, namely:

  1. Mobile Banking
  2. Internet Banking
  3. Counter Deposit
  4. Cash Points
  5. P2P Transfer


  • Mobile Banking:

– Mobile banking is an online service offered by banks through which you can conduct inter-bank fund transfers. We have several partner banks, and using their mobile banking you can transfer funds to eSewa. To load fund through mobile banking, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select on Load fund in eSewa app.
  2. Select Mobile banking and your bank from which you want to load eSewa
  3. Enter your desired load amount with purpose.
  4. Tap on “Load Fund” and log-in with your bank details.
  5. Now your eSewa wallet is loaded.
  • Internet Banking:

– Internet Banking is similar to mobile banking as it also assists users to conduct inter-bank fund transfers. But, the difference is, instead of using a mobile application, users use web browsers. To load fund through Internet banking, follow the following steps:

  1. Select load fund in eSewa app.
  2. Select Internet banking and your bank from which you want to load eSewa.
  3. Log in with your credentials (provided by the bank)
  4. Load your eSewa wallet.
  • Counter Deposit

Counter deposit is the same as when you deposit your cash in bank. Visit any of our counter deposit partner banks, there, you will find a separate eSewa voucher. Fill in the details and deposit the amount to your eSewa wallet. eSewa counter deposit voucher will look something like this:

Note: You do not need to have bank account in the particular bank to make a counter deposit in your eSewa account.

  • Cash Points

Cash Points are the authorized agents of eSewa. There are 5000+ cash points all over the nation. To load funds from cash points, you need to be physically present at the agent’s stores. You can identify cash points with the “Cash Point” hoarding boards of eSewa.

Also, you can find cash points near you using the map inside eSewa application. Else, you can make a call to our toll-free number (1660-01-02121) to get the details of the Cash Points nearby.

To find cash points:

  1. Select on load fund.
  2. Tap on eSewa cash points.
  3. Search your nearest cash point based upon your location.
  4. Visit your Cash Point.
  5. Load your eSewa wallet.
  • P2P transfer

P2P transfer is one of the easiest way of loading your eSewa wallet. Anytime you are short of funds, just ask your friends to transfer funds to your eSewa wallet. The next time one of your friend asks you to transfer money to their eSewa wallet, just follow the following steps:

  1. Select “Fund Transfer” in your eSewa app.
  2. Select “Send Money”
  3. Enter the eSewa ID you want to transfer funds to.
  4. Enter Amount, Purpose of transfer and Remarks.
  5. “Proceed” and “Confirm” transaction after checking the details.
  6. Fund is loaded to recipient’s eSewa wallet.

As explained above, there are various ways to load your eSewa wallet. Make use of these methods, and enjoy cashless payments through eSewa any time, anywhere.

If you have any more confusions on how to load fund, please contact our toll-free number 1660-01-02121, or viber us at +9779868842121.

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  1. That was helpful.
    But most of the times, we need to return back from your cash points as they say loading fund is not possible ( or available). I didn’t mention the cash point here but I request esewa to work upon it.

    1. Hello Sir,
      Kindly inbox us the Name and address of the cash point in our facebook messenger, viber (+9779868842121) or inform us at our toll free number 1660-010-2121.
      It would be a lot of help for us as well as other eSewa customers.
      Thank you.

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