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बस टिकटमा १००% क्यासब्याक अफर

भाद्र २७, २०७६ देखि भाद्र ३१, २०७६ सम्म इसेवाबाट कारोबार गर्नु हुने सम्पूर्ण ग्राहकहरुको लागि इसेवाले ल्याएको छ १०० % […]

School Fee payment system with eSewa

The world is moving towards digitization every day. Everything is going digital whether it’s shopping, communication or education. Online classes […]

“Project Kirana”: Scan and Pay

In alignment with the target of Digital 2020, organizations under F1Soft group: eSewa and Fonepay have collaborated for “Project Kirana”. […]